What do you do when your child wants you to do everything for them, yet they want the privileges and responsibilities of being an older kid? You’ve tried the persuasive chats, lectures and bribery…yet nothing works.

Here’s a strategy you may want to consider. For the reluctant learner that doesn’t want to be told what to do and or, have had difficulties asking for help, you can help empower them by giving them a skill self- assessment.  When children are able to assess their own learning, the effort and motivation to learn becomes intrinsic.

This was used with a reluctant 8 year old. When my lil guy saw that the activity was for a 7 year old, he become that much more motivated and eager to master the tasks/skills on the list. To build on his success, I added things he could do with the skills that he struggled with. I hope you too find the same successes!

                                                                      What can 7 year olds do?

I’m great at this! I’m okay at this. I need practice.
  1. Make their bed.
  1. Take out the recycling/trash
  1. Brush their own teeth
  1. Turn on and turn off the shower water
  1. Ride a bike
  1. Ride a scooter
  1. Comb their own hair
  1. Put on their own clothes
  1. Put their belongings away
    10. Throw a ball and play catch
    11. Ride the bus alone
     12. Be flexible
     13. Play with others cooperatively.
     14. Have fun playing with their sibling.
     15.  Wash dishes
     16.  Sweep the floor
     17.  Fold laundry
     18.  Ask questions when you aren’t sure
     19.  Follow safety rules when crossing the street
     20.  Use their voice and stay calm when they feel scared
     21.  Use public restroom independently
    22.  When they’re bored, they can find something to do (read, draw, play with their sibling)
    23.  Take initiative. See a problem and fix it.
    24.  Be helpful
    25.  Act appropriately at a b-day party
    26.  Act appropriately when you see a stranger
     27.  Ride a roller coaster
     28.  Dial 911 when there is an emergency
     29.  Tie their own shoes
     30.  Make their own lunch
What skills are you most proud of?
What skills would you like to practice?
What skills would you like guidance with?