Salt Dough and Golf Tees

Children love inserting objects and hammering. In an effort to help my nephew with additional experiences in learning name recognition and sequencing I started by thinking about the skills he needed additional practice in. For one, children under the age of 5 need a variety of fine motor work to prepare their hands for writing. At the moment, Charlie has entered the sensitive period for writing which has been exciting for just a few months back, he was not a fan of holding writing implements. He has begun to feel more comfortable for coloring and cutting. He doesn’t feel completely comfortable, so giving him an activity that’s unique while giving him practice in recognizing his name and sequencing seemed perfect in supporting his interest.

Second,  I started thinking about the objects I would use to help him practice this skill. Golf Tees are easy to hold and there’s something about inserting them into dough provides nice sensory feedback, so golf tees seemed perfect! However,  I needed and wanted something that was fixed and already prepped. With that being said, salt dough recipe seemed perfect rather than using malleable playdoh.

How to Start…

I first made the batch using 2 cup flour, 2 cup salt and water. Combining the mixture, I then rolled the dough out and inserted holes to form his name. I baked it for 40 minutes at 350.

The Outcome…

Placing the golf tee into the prebaked dough provided tactile feedback while offered increased experience in eye hand coordination and fine motor work!

Salt Dough Salt Dough and Golf Tees Sequence Salt Dough Progression