Working with my hands and putting things together came to me as second nature. In fact come to think of it, putting together IKEA furniture is my cup of tea!

As soon as I could walk my dad would have me sitting by side him with a screw driver, wrench, hammer…whichever tool you could think of. I’d watch with intensity, curiosity and when I demonstrated interest, he never hesitated to give me a ‘lesson.’

At an early age, I was given an opportunity and the message my father was indirectly sending me was, “Your capable and I believe you can do it!”

The basis of self – correcting activities on this page stem from this very notion. Children love putting things together, so why not create successful opportunities for them to do so while building muscles in their hand for writing, provide with them opportunities to problem solve and build their self esteem when they complete the task!

Montessori’s lesson on wrist turning activities led to this variation. Her original lesson on wrist turning activities were: nuts and bolts as well as sequenced cutting exercises and rolling a mat/rug. The creative side in me is always looking for other engaging opportunities for children to learn and where it doesn’t break my bank!

This activity is advanced so prior experience in other wrist turning activities are recommended if your child has had few experiences in developing the muscles in his/her wrist and whole hand.

This activity cost less than a $2.00! The small child size screw driver was purchased at Daiso (Japanese .99 store) and the car was purchased at Target’s dollar bin. Just last week I was at Michael’s and in the Dollar bin were wooden cars with tires held by screws!

This was a classroom favorite in my Montessori classroom and used with children from ages 3 to 10. My in home clients receiving ABA loved it as well as it allowed them to be independent and successful! Let the fun begin and harness the IKEA in your kid!