To understand and to guide others we must try our best to live in their shoes. ~Mandi Lee-Han, MS

GemmaSchiebeFineArt II

The morning session aimed to further our understanding of how we process sensory experiences and was delivered by Becky Lydon who makes highly interactive art works. She believes that you learn most by experiencing and so making experiential installations fit in with these beliefs.

“To Function and participate in the world that surrounds us, we need to use our senses”

“Senses provide us with different experiences within Society”

Individuals with autism respond to their environment in a very different way. Becky was interested in putting us in the situation of a person with autism in order to understand what it is like for them. We went through some exercises to be made aware of how we process our sensory information. We did some exercises where five individuals were doing something at once allowing us to see how we cope with many things happening at the same time. I was made…

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