I love to learn and grow. My new endeavors in Special Education have allowed me to work with some of the best in the field. TouchMath was being used in a classroom where I first learned about this method. I also saw TouchMath used with an 8 year old client with autism when he was borrowing and carrying three digit numbers. I was curious to learn more and discovered that TouchMath can take a child from basic number acquisition to learning fractions and decimals. In a nutshell, TouchMath is a multi-sensory program using, “Touchpoints” to engage students from pre-k to upper elementary. While Montessori Math is wonderful, my immediate thought was that this offers a nice supplement! I’m a visual learner and my explanations would not do this justice. Here’s a wonderful video that summarizes TouchMath!

Further, if you feel this would be a wonderful supplement to your child’s learning, here’s some quick information on how I made this on a dime. I found the cork board at CVS Pharmacy and the pins came from Dollar Store. I used colored stickers from Lakeshore. Certainly, Crayola Markers would do! The pins are great as it allows the child practice in fine motor work and allows the child feedback as they press each pin into the cork board. Obviously one may have to tailor this to your child’s level/classroom. Another alternative would be to use colored pom-poms and glue them to each touchpoint! It took me less than 10 minutes to put this together. I was certainly curious to try this with my nephew Charlie and well, as they say, “A picture is a thousand words.” A visit with Auntie Mandi always entails activities. I’m thankful he and his brother always ask for more.