I love Dollar Tree. I love this store so much, I fantasize about throwing away my degrees and owning a shop, but sadly they’re corporate. Summer is approaching quickly so before those Swimming Noodles are sold out, here are my quick types to turning noodles to educational activities!

For the sake of this post, I will post a blend of the activities I put together, along with inspiration pinned from pinterest! Let’s get started:
Fine Motor:

1. Objects on a vertical stand


The memo stand was purchased for 50… in goes the noodles, similar to this toddler toy.


Next was this,

2. Object Permanence BoxFullSizeRender-6

This was made with a recycled salt container and similar to this Montessori toy:


My students with autism love this activity!
3. Lacing 



4. Link and Chains

Found at: teachpreschool.org

5. A popular Montessori toy,  DIsc on a Dowel can be made with noodles and a spoon!


Found on tnt.asu.edu


6. Color Matching and Fine Motor



I used corks, noodles and electric tape from Dollar Tree.

7. Fine Motor


This was found on facebook atFound on facebook.com. I loved this so much that recreated it for my preschoolers with autism. The activity above requires the use of both hands. The subdominent holds the noodle in place while the dominant hand holds the chips and inserts the items. I needed the activity to be easier so I cut the noodle in half for easier grasp and coordination. Second, this awesome activity can be used in ABA Therapy. Token Economy is a type of reinforcement system used to help students earn an item or activity that is reinforcing. The tokens are used to help monitor and make reinforcement more powerful.

9. Patterning

Found on secondstorywindow.typepad.com

Prior to creating this post, I had no idea that someone else had created this work. I attached corks and used it as a dowel. Electrical tape was used to color code each portion of the pattern.




  The difference between both activities are the implements. Dowels are easier to hold, however inserting requires a little more muscle. The use of the string for patterning is great for the child that has releatively good fine motor control.

11. Gross Motor


This lovely activity targets visual tracking (needed for reading) and bilateral coordination (another skill needed for reading). It comes from,Found on yourtherapysource.blogspot.com.

12. Gross Motor


Found on innerchildfun.com

This activity is great for visual tracking and the study of gravity.

13. Name Spelling


Found on kiwicrate.com
14. Name Spelling


Found on morethanabcand123.blogspot.com

The following activities were developed as a result of the inspiration above!

15. ABC Order 

I sliced the noodle and half and with a knife I made 1inch slits on top. Writing the alphabet on the noodle and on the sticks made for an easy self correcting ABC Matching activity! If this is to easy, turn the noodle around and it turns into an ABC Order activity! If the child needs to self correct, they can peek by looking on the reverse side! Scaffolding at its finest!

16. Numeral Order


Similarly, the same was achieved only with numbers 1-10. My kiddos are going to love this and I can’t wait to bring this to work!

17. Math  – Montessori Variation to Red and Blue Rods

IMG_2149 IMG_2155 IMG_2518

This is a Montessori DIY version of the red and blue rods. Children love to build and particulary stack items. I’m thrilled by the outcome! I used a glue gun and good ole wine cork. I promise I did not drink all of the wine. I just have generous friends and friends that are employed at the wineries.

18. Imagination and Fine Motor

Found on 4herreras.blogspot.com

19. Imagination and Creativity

Found on delicateconstruction.com

20.  Just update! Word Family Spinners!

This activity took 5 minutes to make and was the very last of the remaining noodles I had purchased. Similar to the patterning activity, I used 6-7 corks, joined them with duck tape and then labelled noodles!

The activities I made came from 4 different colored noodles. The cost was $4.00! It goes to show how noodles can go along way when we’re creating for our lil ones! As always, I hope you feel inspired! Thank you for your time!




4/29/15 Follow up:

There are some creative mom’s out there and you can find an amazing Mom extraordinares out there! You can find fennymasudah on Instagram! I’m most impressed at how she’s able to use minimal materials and favorite her daughter’s creative side! Check her out!

5/23/15 And another Instagram favorite!

This mom is astounding! She’s super creative and always striving to creatively teach using items in her home! If you’re looking for creative lessons, you can find her on Instagram as well!

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