A couple of days ago I wrote about the importance of observation and following the child. At my center, when the children aren’t receiving DTT (Discrete Trail Training) they’re either selecting free choice of open ended activities, or the Montessori activities, (teacch tasks). A few weeks back one of my 3 year olds randomly started to read 3 letter words to me! The kiddo was reading! Hopefully this will be a ‘go to’ activity he’ll select on his free time! 

Children on the spectrum can exhibit periods of intense focus and demonstrate lack of interest for anything new. With that being said, encouraging similar activities of interest is important in helping the child develop flexibility and broadening their interests to other areas. 

The realization that my kiddo can read had me thinking about his skills and connecting him to an activity that would be suitable for him. The activity had to be simple with few items to limit frustration. He loves to turn and spin items… once I began to think of his ability and interests my gears began to turn! 

This word spinner was made in under 5 minutes and with the left over scraps I had from my projects made from 4 purchased noodles from Dollar Tree. I used 6-7wine corks and joined them with duck tape. Afterwards I labelled the noodle pieces with vowels in the middle! Super easy!

When we observe, we learn a great deal! I don’t make up the rules, but sometimes I feel we need to let go a bit on the programs and allow the child to tell us what they need. Obviously the Montessorian in me is speaking! Obviously our kids know much than we think. The fun for me is putting the puzzle together! I sure love a good puzzle! Don’t you?