Dear Lil Ones,

Your father and I have hoped and prayed for you for many years. We prayed and prayed that we could eventually write this letter and tell you how we promise we will do everything in our power to provide you with everything we can. We will shower you with love, but raise you with good ole fashion tough love. We agree that we will raise you both as best as we can. Mistakes will occur along the way,  but we promise to strive to learn from each experience and learn from our mistakes. Please know we want you to be hardworking, passionate, kind, courageous, polite, empathetic and compassionate beings.

When you arrive, you will be loved by your older 4 legged siblings. One is talkative and protective. The other will use you as a neck pillow. Our home is small and we don’t care. We care about your health above anything else.  Your father has decided Chinese school is necessary as is martial arts. We will raise you under the guidance and principals of Montessori methods, so I pray you’ll embrace dual language learning and learning how to protect yourself and benefit from the instructional methods and philosophy your father and I try to instill at home.

And lastly, you will hear many stories about our childhood and about your grandma and grandpa and great grandmas and great grandpas. We both feel strongly that a solid foundation involves honoring our loved ones and appreciating the journey our loved ones sacrificed to afford us our life of freedom and endless opportunities. Daddy will do his best to teach you about fishing as grandpa would have wanted. I will do my best to cook you delishious Chinese meals as your grandma would have wanted.  Please continue to grow and embrace nature’s remarkable and miraculous doings our lil miracles. We will see you and meet you in 20 weeks.

With so much love for you,

Your mom and dad