Yesterday I watched my boys explore and realized they need more. The oldest in particular is reaching for cable/iPhone wires and getting into all the things we don’t want him touching. So, for some inspiration I went to Pinterest. On Pinterest, I saw ribbon tug boards and could see the appeal, however my Montessori background thought about what I could do to further develop whole hand grasp. Second, I thought about how I could further develop their core muscles with ‘sitting up’ activities where the height was appropriate for them. Tables are too tall and placing items on an elevated surface could be intriguing for them.  So I thought, why not use a recycled box.

Using scissors, wooden beads and string I had in my garage I began punching holes and tied two knots and beads from both ends. The string was very long and almost too long. I placed it in the ground and saw flaws in the design. For one, the box was light so when they tugged the box , the box would move, shift, and at one point it flipped over. Ugh, …. Hence my feet holding the sides.

Then I thought about how to problem shoot this and realized a basket was perfect. It has weight and when turned over it offered the perfect height for my 8 month olds.

Children playing with this activity develop core muscles, coordination, fine motor, visual scanning, concentration and cause and effect.

The activity took me ten minutes to put together. I decided I wanted the strings shortened to prevent less frustration for my boys (not to mention safer), so I doubled them up, threaded each end thru each basket opening, threaded a bead on both ends and then tied knots.
My boys are loving this! Stay tuned for additional variations to this activity! Let me know if you tried this in your home! I’d love feedback!