There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing new toys for your kiddo and minutes later they’ve either destroyed it, or have lost interest.

If you’re looking for an activity using items in your home which will help develop fine motor skills, develop hand-eye coordination and increase concentration, I’m glad you’re here!

You’ll need a container with a lid, a razor blade, and items to insert. You can use wine corks, tops to juice pouches, lids from jars or in this example balloon weights. I used wrapping paper to cover the exterior for asthetic purposes and used a collection of balloon weights from a girlfriend. Next, you’ll need a razor blade to cut a large opening on the lid. Once you’ve made your cut, you’re finished. It’ll take you less then ten minutes to prepare!

A note on balloon weights…
Most items that are toddler safe are light, where as the extra weight provides extra feedback. Lil ones must balance and control the weight when they pick up each weight and balance them in conjunction to all of the muscles being used; fingers, hand, arm, shoulder, and core muscles. I like the weighted balloon weights because it provides an extra workout for toddler fingers.

This activity is perfect for stroke victums or persons in occupational/physical therapy whom need weight bearing activities to develop/refine fine motor muscles!

For a video of my twins using this activity catch us on Instagram! For management purposes I’ve discovered putting them in their high-chair works best for now. Both get their own activity and I’m able to individualize the activity. For example I have my youngest use heavier balloon weights that have a lip on them for easier grasping where as my oldest who has more control used the weights without a lip without any difficulties.

Thank you for stopping in!