Just around 8-9 months infants begin to realize that objects exist even when they aren’t observed. Games such as ‘Peek A Boo’ begin to hold their attention and in most cases bring laughter and cheer!

While most commercial toys have elements of object permanence, my twins (like most children) prefer simplistic and concepts taught in isolation. There aren’t blaring sounds, colors or flashing lights… it’s simple. The fact that they return to it daily tells me it’s a winner!

In my collection, I did purchase the traditional Montessori Object Permanence Box as seen below, bottom row – second to the left.


I’ve also made variations using a plastic bottle. This got far more usage than the wooden Montessori box. My oldest son would prance around the house holding the bottle like an Olympic torch, while my youngest enjoyed putting the pom pom in his mouth (eek, I know).


A few weeks later, an Amazon delivery box arrived which are golden in my home. I love boxes. The boys (and my dogs) all love balls. So I cut a whole on both ends so both boys could each have a hole and I cut a rectangle opening on both ends. Let me just say, if your kiddo isn’t responding to his name, this is a must. You’ll get eye contact quickly!




To continue this interest, I created a variation using a wine box found at my local thrift store. The inspiration came when I found plumbing tubing my husband had randomly placed in our closet. It took me less than ten minutes to make with the cost under $7. The outcome has been stupendous!

Hope this inspires you!

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