I’m going to be honest and tell you that we came to a halt. We… more like them. I was beginning to feel like a worthless mom. My boys weren’t focused… they were literally climbing on my furniture despite my efforts. Here’s my proof:


I thought to myself, “What in the world is going on?” I went into deep reflection. For one, they were waking up every morning at 1am. This went on for an entire week. It was lovely really…one would wake up and it would take an hour to put him down and then literally at the top of the next hour, the other would wake up. During the day, they couldn’t settle themselves and crying… lots of crying. Now typically they resume back to regular sleep patterns when we’ve had a strange break, but not this week. Then, another mom of twins shared with me that sometimes the broken sleep is the onset to a developmental leap. The past two days, have demonstrated how indeed, this is certainly case. I’m so thankful for my friend Suzanne.

A few days back, with very little sleep, inspiration came when the boys had the entire tennis court to explore while I got 20 minutes to myself (so to speak). Yes, this is what a mom of twins must do to survive.


On the bench were empty tennis ball containers and it was nirvana. I went into a creative frenzy and posted about the materials I put together (see later posts on recycled tennis ball containers for more info). The boys have been busy and to the degree that I can hear the Montessori classroom “hmmmm” that buzz in the air.

Here’s a close up of the items on their shelf:




This was put together at under $7.00. See my later posts where I give you the scoop!



This was another DIY activity using a tennis ball container. Please see later posts for guidance if you’re interested.


My boys went into a magnet frenzy a few weeks back. I posted about the experience because I was in disbelief by their efforts. Learn more by scrolling down to later posts.




If you’re wondering how do I know what to put on their shelves, to be honest…some of it involves guessing while the other is just by observing them. I try not to add too many new items. The shelf will remain this way for at least a month. My oldest son Gabriel put his work away today and I almost passed out from shock. Familiarity is key. I do restore their shelf after each work period. At one point my husband thought I was nuts until one day he realized how helpful it is for the boys to find their work. Now he helps with tidying! Amen to that! I’m also noticing how the boys strong observers. They can spot something new and unfamiliar in seconds. It’s rather scary and alarming. Perhaps it’s their order coming in strong. Hmmm…

For updates, follow the link below to my instagram. Sometimes my attempts are successful, other times not so much and that’s ok. I follow my boys lead and let them guide me. I’d enjoy hearing your experiences! Please share!

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