When you’re a mom of toddler twins, the amount of diapers, wipes, squeeze pouches and milk are insane. This goes without saying, the amount of garbage our little household disposes are horrendous. At the end of each night when I’m tidying, I can’t help but look at the garbage collected and wonder…there must be away where I can reuse. repurpose and reduce this massive pile up. Thankfully, when we identify a problem, opportunity for a solution presents itself. 

Beyond conservation and caring for our planet, I’ve been thinking about character traits I hope my twins will embody by my example and modeling. I pray they become thoughtful, kind, helpful and empathetic. Beyond that, I hope they pursue issues they’re passionate about and have the faith and confidence to think outside of the box. I don’t want them to live to fit in a box. I want them to be innovative and to have the confidence to build the box. So my efforts to create, go beyond a passion. My attempts are my way of helping my children see greatness and potential by thinking and living creatively. Sure they’re 14 months old, but it doesn’t mean they’re not watching. In fact, I think they’re almost more alert to my movements because they know something is different and will yield some sort of result. 

Another thought you might have is why diaper lids? Those precious lil fingers are becoming more adept. My twins are 14 months old and have begun to flip the lid and pull the endless stream of wipes. I don’t want to squash the interest and curiosity, so I figured, “Hmmmm…what can I do to seize the moment for them?” 

Now, to be honest, cannot take claim for this brilliant idea to reuse and repurpose the diaper wipe lids. Pinterest has paved the way for all of us to seek and discover our own handy thumb. A few years back a colleague shared this pin with me and in fact went as far as saving me my first batch of diaper wipe lids. Recently, those lids entered my creative thought process when the boys had more interest in the diaper wipes than their toy and well, I couldn’t wait to get started. I go thru an entire Kirkland box a month (Yes, it’s horrible and yes, that’s a lot), so the collection can gather quickly. My friend Lisa was also kind enough to save me a zip lock bag full of lids as well. There’s nothing better then starting a project when you have everything you need at your finger tips! The opportunity to solve two problems presented itself, so here we are!

How will I know if my kiddo will like this?

When I create, I start with what I observe. My boys are 14 months and have a strong interest in books. The sensory books have been utilized the most with my boys using their fingers to scratch the various textures. My youngest is extremely oral so I’m hoping the need to touch and experience learning in this manner will help. My oldest twin is extremely curious and enjoys new experiences. If any of these reasons sound familiar, I think you’re at the correct place!

Design Rationale:

I wanted to replicate the activity I saw on Pinterest, but add a few purposeful and thoughtful touches. For one, I’m experimenting with learning and thought I would put items on my boy’s shelf that focuses on a theme. This week our focus is on blue.  Rather than have a variety of colors and textures, I put out activities were various textures and shades of blue (I’ll be posting about the activities on our shelf this week, so stay tuned if your interested in learning more). I used items I had in my craft arsenal: pompoms, beads, glass gems, and a straw. All of these items can be purchased at my second favorite place in the world, Dollar Tree. Second, I wanted the lid to open from left to right, allowing the  opportunity for mid-line crossing which indirectly prepares the body for reading and writing activities. 

How to:

I gathered my items to glue, grabbed my glue gun and minutes later while my boys were asleep I was able to put this together. I used a lid from a wine box rather than cardboard. The boys have enjoyed this so much that they have begun to walk around the house carrying their board as though it’s a doll. Too cute if you ask me!


What will my child gain from this activity?

Infants and toddlers are at the stage of learning my touch. The activity lends itself to feeling and experiencing different surfaces and textures while also allowing the opportunity to use vocabulary such as: soft, smooth, bumpy, shiny, lid, flip, etc. And lastly, lets not forget finemotor. I also can’t help but think about the innate curiosity of the surprise that awaits under each lid which feeds lil ones newly acquired skill of learning and understanding object permanence (when objects can not be seen, but they know they exist).

Until I can figure it out how to post the DIY video,  find me on Instagram (link below) or on Facebook where I was able to post there.

The effort was definitely worthwhile and in fact, I almost wish I did this sooner. For more ideas on how to reuse Diaper Wipe Lids, stay tuned. More is coming!

Thank you for stopping in!