If you haven’t checked out my post on how to create a sensory activity using diaper lids, please stop and scroll down to my prior post and then scroll your way back up! You’ll read about how and why’s on how I went into a  diaper wipe lid frenzy.

And well, if you haven’t guessed it, I had more diaper wipe lids calling my name and my creative flow wasn’t ready to end. Before I begin, when I create and design learning activities I keep three things in mind. First, what are my children able to do (skills that is). Second, what are their interests and lastly, what part of the activity would entice them to come back for more? In my previous post I discussed my boys interest with the diaper lids and sensory books. This next activity needed to be completely different. I thought that if I could recreate something that had sides and various textures to pull from, it would be a hit with them because there’s something about the element of surprise of pulling an item and waiting for the last piece or waiting to get to the end. Next, I thought about using the design element of a box. This seemed perfect because the box allowed for items to be contained within them. I also felt inclined to create an activity that focused on opening/closing while worked on grasping and pulling. When I thought more about the direction I was going, I realized how one of the few commercial toys my boys loved were the activity cubes. This wasn’t going to be a Zainy Brainy Activity by any means, but I was going to give it my best shot! It was going to appeal to my boys interest in sensory items while also help develop their fine motor skills. And let’s be honest, I also created this to keep them busy in hopes that it would tire their minds and muscles for a good nap. I need a nap. 

The universe tends to answer when you’re in need of something and sometimes, like magic, what you ask for will magically appear. My husband purchased saki and it came packaged in the most gorgeous wooden box. he asked if he could get it on our weekly trip to Costco. Umm, “Hello,” why must you ask? It’s a wooden box! I love wood. Ha, Ha! It was a winner for both of us…he got to get slightly toasted while I got my mediation work in! Ha! 

First I removed the label. You’ll want to place the lids on your box and space them out evenly. Use a hot glue gun to fasten and attach. Use a marker to mark where you’ll want to drill and then make your holes. 

Next, I grabbed my husband’s drill. While I like to brag about my drilling abilities, that’s where it stopped. I grabbed his drill, handed him the box and drill and two minutes later, we had a box with 9 holes.

Gather ribbon, straws, pipe cleaners, feathers, …items you think will be safe and you’re finished! I looked around my house and found left over ribbon from gifts, straws, and pipe cleaners. I placed three lids on each side of the box. Honestly, one on each side would have been perfect for my 14 month old twins. If your kiddo is older, 9 diaper lids would work. If your kiddo is under 14 months I would do just the top. 

And do know, you don’t need a wooden box. A cardboard box would work too! A box offers a bit more stability and durability.

Last and final…I had a few more lids to go. This activity is for older kids that are learning how to identify letters. When I create, I enjoy starting with items I know are a favorite for kiddos… magnets! In my stash of creative goodies was an enormous bag of magnets I purchased from the thrift store. I had an extra magnetic tray from Daiso, I grabbed my glue gun, matched letters in the alphabet and the rest is history. I put together a letter matching activity. The child matches the letter, flips the lid and places the matching letter inside. 


I hope this inspires you! For videos and daily shenanigans, please follow me on Facebook and Instagram! Happy crafting and creating everyone! 


D & G’s Mom, Mandi